Investment Opportunities in Lango Sub-Region

We asked a number of people from within Uganda and outside of Uganda to list some investment opportunities that they believe the Lango sub-region needs. Here is a list of what they came up with. These are real investment opportunities not just for the Lango sub-region but for most regions in the country. Please feel free to add more opportunities through comments:

1. Multipurpose Recreation Facility 

2. Ready Meal Factory (cooked food)

3. Museums 

4. Cold Storage Facilities (for vegetables and fruits) 

5. Real Estates for middle income earners

6. Water Towers in every community to guarantee a stable, adequate supply of water

7. Modest restaurants and guest houses in every district HQs in Lango

8. The best passenger transport company – travel anywhere in Uganda by road as if travelling by plane!

9. A well equipped hospital

10. A Lango Bank

11. A Retirement Savings Scheme 

12. A Private Old People’s Homes / Retirement Homes

13. A well established grain milling company

14. Center for The Performing Arts

15. Truck/ Vehicle Service Centers on Major Highways

16. Decent Rest Areas (Not gas/petrol stations!) next to a highway, for voyagers, where people can stop to rest, use the bathroom, get snacks, etc.

17. Library with complete state of the art ML/AI lab to introduce Lango to emerging technologies in coding and machine learning and computer science

18. Carbonized Briquettes and the manufacture of stoves – local, efficient and affordable.

19. Steel/iron and aluminium factory to release us from overdependance on foreigners and would encourage manufacturing industrial boom for other products

20. Lango Tour Company

21. Nature reserve with indigenous tree species. This botanical garden will serve as tourist attraction site for bird 🐦watching, research on local medicinal plants, hunting grounds and nature trails 👣

22. Establishing exotic tree forest for lumbering

23. Youth Job/Work Readiness Center 

24. Milk and related products processing plant

25. World standard Primary schools in each district of Lango

26. Communal Burial Grounds (Cemeteries)

27. Cremation Centers

28. Professional Tailors

29. Air taxi…3-4 12-seater Caravan crafts chartered around the country

30. Business Consultancy 

31. Rental Management Operators

32. Online Advertising Companies for Businesses in Lango

33. Website Designers

34. A construction company